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About Us

You guessed it, we like dogs but there is more to the story.  Ever feel like your chasing your tail without a clear picture?! You have an idea of where you want to be, like a tropical island with your toes in the sand or a gorgeous mountain lodge, but the path to get there is riddled with challenges.  Our furry friends are the kind of team that will sniff out the way, whether you are looking to increase your company profit margins and control medical spend, boost your employee morale or simply improve your personal financial protection.  



Businesses are finding challenges in acquiring and retaining great talent while providing a benefits package that does not break the budget.  Enter a statistical supports…

Our assessment/discovery process uncovers the most challenging aspects of your employee benefits platform and compliance concerns.


Reducing employee absenteeism and improving retention is fulfilled by creating a sincere, purposeful and engaging culture.  $$$ is lost every year to turnover or it costs XYZ to replace x employee on average nationally.

Adapting to new working environments is of the utmost challenge and with that challenge comes additional communication concerns.


It has been part of our mission for over 20 plus years to give all people from all backgrounds an equal opportunity for education around personal planning.  This comes in the simplest forms of understanding the basics whether it is how to interpret medical coverage, how best to protect one’s self from the loss of a paycheck due to a disabling event, determining what is needed if a family member losses another family member, what to do when Medicare becomes an option etc…Your life changes and so do your needs.  You go from acquiring assets to distribution of assets.

Our Associates

Stefanie Pigeon, GBA
Founder and visionary for the team at Affiliated Associates. Her focus is on capturing solutions that meet the needs of a diverse group of clients. She strives to simplify the complex of insurance planning while delivering meaningful value to businesses and employees; ultimately producing financial health and personal wellness for clients.
For a personalized copy of the book contact Stefanie at stefanie@affiliatedassoc.com


Count On Us to Bring You the Right Insurance Policy

The team at Affiliated Associates work hard to find coverage plans that fit your needs and your budget. We’ll look over your current policy and situation before searching top carriers for a variety of solutions.

Work with One of the Few Remaining Independent Firms

Affiliated Associates understands how frustrating buying group and individual insurance policies can be. That’s why we work hard to make the buying process easier and put your mind at ease. Passing along savings and creating a customized plan is just one way we showcase our commitment to you. If you’ve been wondering whether you’re getting the most coverage for the best price, call Affiliated Associates located in Essex, VT.