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Beacon Advisors Group is an employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm in Memphis, TN

At Beacon, we take a different approach to helping clients meet the employee benefit challenges and needs they face today.

While most of our clients have similar issues, they are, in fact, unique organizations. Our approach is inside-out, meaning we go a long way to understand your organization, then design a host of processes, capabilities, and products that help our clients succeed.

We guide you through a process, focused on key areas of the tangibles and intangibles of the overall employee benefit strategy. We invest a lot of time on the front end and deliver an action plan, specific to you.

Core Principles

The folks at Beacon have worked with small and large employers over their combined 40+ years in this business. The disruption our industry has faced inspired us to create a new company with the following methodology:

  1. Keep the good things that work
  2. Find the problems
  3. Fix the problems
  4. Lead our clients to a better place
  5. Be real with people

Our Strategic Approach

In today’s environment employers must have enhanced value and cost-efficiency from their benefits program. But, to meet this objective, employers must demand more than the traditional sales-oriented approach historically delivered by advisors.

Beacon brings a refreshing approach by guiding you through a process. Our process begins with learning as much as we can about you and your employees. Then, we put together specific recommendations on the architecture of your strategy. From there, we move to execution, continually refining processes as needed to get you to exactly where you want to be. Ongoing, we provide advocacy services to assist your employees when those questions or problem claims arise.


In today's environment employers are increasingly faced with the complexity of meeting the demands of extensive regulatory compliance requirements on their benefit plans.

You and your employees depend on your organization. Failing to comply with constantly changing employment laws - federal, state, and Health Care Reform - poses a risk you can’t afford to take. Beacon delivers guidance along with news and insight when you need it.


Even the best designed benefit plans can challenge both the HR & Benefit Managers and plague them with an overwhelming administrative effort.

Our strategy is to create a new level of efficiency for HR by providing clients with effective solutions through leading technology and payroll service companies. Our goal is to move from a paper intensive process to an online approach. The outcome will eliminate the frustrations in plan enrollment and ongoing administration, as well as capturing the necessary data for the reporting requirements for Health Care Reform.