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About Us

MBA Administrators’ primary focus is to help clients solve problems and offer solutions to meet company objectives. Providing employee benefit programs that are cost-effective and easy to understand can be a difficult task. We manage this process from beginning to end so our clients feel comfortable that the expertise we offer is fully utilized.

Why MBA Administrators?

Values. Uncompromising integrity and expertise in the employee benefits field are the foundation of MBA Administrators. We believe in doing what’s right and ensuring our day-to-day operations are based on that philosophy.

Experience. Our background in the employee benefits arena is diverse yet in-depth. Ranging from Buydown programs (Medical Deductible Reimbursement Plans) to flexible spending accounts, comprehensive as well as limited flexible benefit plans, Health Savings Account expertise, and COBRA law compliance. We have years of experience in human resources, benefits, and insurance industries so we understand the complexities of these programs and how they can interrelate.

Quality. Superior checks and balances result in superior work product. We ensure our systems and our staff provide the highest level of service to our clients. We are specialized in employee benefit programs and our expertise reflects just that.

Affordable. We maintain competitive pricing because we integrate and streamline our processes. We keep our overhead low and focus on client satisfaction and employee services to provide the best experience for all.

Service. Our strength and most valuable asset. We enjoy our clients and their employees. We are an Idaho-based, local company – built upon personal relations and positive experiences with our clients. We take personal interest and pride in helping our clients to meet their business goals and develop cost-effective programs that truly benefit their employees. We believe in developing these relationships and working hard to keep our clients and their employees happy. Going the extra mile is the foundation of MBA Administrators and our long-lasting relationships with current clients prove our commitment to providing only the highest level of service.

Our Team

Our team works with you throughout the year to fine tune your future. We integrate technology and online resources to facilitate enrollment, streamlining the process for you and your employees. Employees have access to our staff that can help them understand their benefits and assist them with enrollment and claims questions. Regular reporting and discussions throughout the year mean no surprises during renewal.

Our partners have taken the lead in the State of Idaho by serving our local industry associations in board and committee positions. Each of the partners has proven their commitment to our clients by holding leadership positions responsible for shaping the future of Idaho healthcare. Our understanding of employer concerns and our network of helpful professional leaders means we’re ready to handle all your benefit, administration, and HR challenges.

Susie Brocke, Partner

Susie manages the operational and day to day activity of all MBA Administrators business. An experienced HR manager for 18 years prior to becoming a benefit consultant/broker, she is well-versed in the plan design, set up, implementation and maintenance. Susie is the lead partner with MBA’s software and reporting services, providing clients with customizations that fit their overall benefit plan goals. Susie is fully licensed and certified with the State of Idaho Department of Insurance, maintaining a license in health, life and disability.

Melinda McDaniel, Partner

Melinda works on the marketing and product integration. As a licensed and experienced broker – consultant for over 22 years, she provides a wealth of industry knowledge. Melinda also serves on several Producer Advisory Council groups and maintains a detailed knowledge of all carrier plans and benefit designs. In addition, she conducts employee education and training sessions about employer sponsored benefit plans.

Carla Rose, Plan Administrator

Carla manages the HRA and FSA reimbursement account plans. Carla processes claims for HRA and Buydown (MERP) and FSA administration. She monitors account balances and status. She is highly detailed and efficient in handling the day to day activities of administration. Carla has excellent personal skills and is a resource for clients, providing employees with the highest level of service. She has been with MBA Administrators for over 6 years.

Theresa Bloom, Plan Administrator

Theresa works closely with clients on coordinating HRA plans, COBRA requirements and FSA plans. She ensures that they are compliant with all the complexities of the plans and laws. She has experience in the banking industry and so understands the importance of accounting and recordkeeping.

MBA's Commitment to Clients

Compliance. MBA’s efforts to ensure our client’s Plans compliant and operating with fiduciary responsibility involve banking and financial models that fit each client’s needs and concerns. MBA creates funding mechanisms that ensure employer funds and participants contributions are protected through the banking set up process. Financial security and protecting clients’ funds our priority.

Privacy. As part of the implementation process, MBA enters into a Business Associate Agreement with each client to ensure privacy and Protected Health Information (PHI) is secure. MBA understands the importance of protection of data and integrity of systems. We strive to create barriers and security levels to protect the information we receive. We use secure methods of electronic submissions and communications as well to maintain the privacy of the data obtained by MBA, specifically through encryption. MBA maintains a HIPAA Manual and conducts a privacy audit annually to ensure our procedures and systems are in order.

Ethical. MBA operates at the highest level of integrity on behalf of our clients. We have no current, past or pending litigation or administrative actions against our company. MBA is a licensed Third-Party Administrator with the State of Idaho. We have undergone certification and continued education to ensure we are experts in our field. With that process, MBA is required to maintain a Bond of Administrator in the amount of $20,000 as well as a Business Liability policy.


For the HR staff and accounting, the processing and tracking of enrollment forms can be a nightmare. Wherever possible, we aim to reduce or eliminate the paper process.

Reporting and Online Tools

Reports available online are all real-time and can be downloaded to Excel or CSV format.

Available by email with each reimbursement cycle:

  • Payment Register – includes manual checks issues AND direct deposits; date range can be specified.
  • Participant Summary Report – YTD totals for each participant
  • Debit Card – Card status, transactions and substantiation status

Billing Statement – This report is attached to the client’s administrative invoice each month and can be used to audit participation.

Participant Account Statement – For participants with an available balance, statements are sent following the 9th month to encourage use of the money in the account and following the 12th month to remind participants of their remaining balance.