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Control > Chaos

Our nation is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. For many businesses, it is an existential crisis that threatens their survival.

As a company leader, you have two top priorities right now: keep your employees focused and cut costs.

Reducing Controllable Costs

Your second largest expense after payroll is healthcare.

The NextGen Network is made up of innovative leaders from the top independent employee benefits firms across the U.S., working with C-level executives to manage the healthcare supply chain.

NextGen Advisers have one single goal
to improve the quality of care & lower health care costs for both employers & employees.

Working with NextGen Benefits Advisers to deploy standard business practices to manage health care costs, companies reduce their  year-over-year health care spend by 10 to 20% percent or more – in the first year alone.

An elite group of
Next generation
Strategies that move healthcare costs from
OpEx to CapEx
Predictable costs for
budgeting & planning

NextGen Benefits
for Executives & Business Owners

A revolutionary model for employer-sponsored health care plans that offers the employer control over their health care budget with the same standard business principles used in every other aspect of their company.

NextGen Advisers leverage this model to reduce costs at least 10-20% while improving benefits and reducing employees’ out-of-pocket costs for health care.

For Your Employees

Lowers and controls health care costs by paying only for the health care that employees use.

Manages the quality and cost of the health care that employees
purchase by using a variety of innovative strategies and techniques.

All without a negative impact on operations or your workforce.

Watch the Interview

Chief Executive Magazine interviews three Executives implementing NextGen Benefits now.

Access the CEO Survival Kit

Curated for crisis management, this kit is designed to help executives & business owners cut controllable costs – starting with healthcare.

Execute your COVID-19 Crisis Action Plan with strategies designed to reduce & lower costs that improve quality of care.

NextGen Benefits Adviser Firms

NextGen Benefits Consultants are located throughout the country to drive solutions that reduce controllable costs while improving the quality and access of care for your employees.

  • Allison De Paoli, Founder | Altique | San Antonio, TX
  • Andy Neary, Business Coach/ Consultant | Major League Mindset | Fort Collins, CO
  • Ben Conner, President & CEO | Conner Insurance | Indianapolis, IN
  • Beth Johnson, President | Mitchell Insurance | Sikeston, MO
  • Bill Hughes, Owner | bena Fix | Waco, TX
  • Caitlin Hodge, Adviser | HJ Spier | Indianapolis, IN
  • Cathy Aiken, President | Corporate Benefit Analysts Inc. | Nashville, TN
  • Charlie Webb, Principal | Innovative Insurance Group | Roanoke, VA
  • Chris Wolpert, Founder/Consultant | GBS | Lakewood, WA
  • Danie LaBroad, CEO | Oviation Life & Health Services | Plano, TX
  • Danny O’Connell, CEO | Next Level Insurance | Addison, TX
  • Dawn Sheue, President | Summit Insurance Services, Inc. | Pocatello, ID
  • Debbie Righter, President | Righter Insurance, LLC | Albuquerque, NM
  • Deke Lape, Principal | Mitchell Insurance | Sikeston, MO
  • Eric Silverman, Founder | Voluntary Disruption | Towson, MD
  • Gary Decker, CEO | Becker Benefit Group | Baltimore, MD
  • Griffin Meredith, President | Commonwealth Insurance Partners | Louisville, KY
  • Jeff Fox, Principal/ Advisor | HJ Spier | Indianapolis, IN
  • Jeffrey Haudenschield, Owner/ Partner | The Benefits Group | Scott, PA
  • Jim Blachek, Principal | The Benefits Group | Scott, PA
  • John Harris, CEO | CU Benefits Alliance | Beaverton, OR
  • Julie Nelson, CFO | The Olson Group | Omaha, NE
  • Marc Wilson, Founder & CEO | The Westmarc Group | Scottsdale, AZ
  • Marcy Heath, President | Inoventive Solutions | Bremen, GA
  • Mark Holland, President & CEO | BenefitHelp | Memphis, TN
  • Michael Lutz, Partner | Compass Benefits Group, Inc. | Brighton, MI
  • Nick Hansen, Consultant | PSG Washington, Inc. | Everett, WA
  • Robert Slayton, Owner | Robert Slayton & Associates | Naperville, IL
  • Ryan Spencer, Account Executive | Conner Insurance | Indianapolis, IN
  • Stefanie Pigeon, Principal | Affiliated Associates | Essex, VT
  • Ted Dixon, Partner | Dixon Associates | Duxbury, MA
  • Tim Olson, Managing Partner | The Olson Group | Omaha, NE
  • Tom Stautberg, Principal | SBG Advisors | Cincinnat, OH

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