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Healthcare Reform/Compliance

Employers will have a number of obligations and opportunities as the heart of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) is implemented in 2014. This law is complicated, and each employer will need to base its decisions on its particular situation.

Staying current can be a daunting task with the ongoing changes in the compliance landscape brought on by the Affordable Care Act.  Our goal is to provide you with information to keep you current along with resources you can access to fill compliance gaps.

Here are just some of the many vital resources available to our clients for managing the latest compliance updates and requirements:

  • Compliance alerts
  • Legislative Summaries
  • Executive updates
  • Webinar series
  • Labor and law Web Resources

Our Compliance/ACA resources provides access to an exclusive number of documents designed to help employers stay informed and manage changes in benefits compliance and labor laws. To speak with us to review any question you have or to get full access to our compliance material call (248) 601-3600 or email at any time.